Starting Your Workouts Right – Intra Workout Supplements

What is intra workout?

Bodybuilders know that the first thing one needs to do in order to ensure a good workout is to have a solid pre, intra and post-workout routine. Among these three, pre-workouts are the most important as this will set the tone for how your workouts will go. It is very essential to feel motivated and energized from the start if you are to keep up with the pace and make the most of your workouts.

Boost your workout with intra workout supplementsA good pre-workout routine begins by taking the best pre-workout supplements. Most pre-workout supplements in the market these days contain ingredients that do nothing but store fat and raise your insulin levels to make you think you are energized and gaining bulk when you’re actually not. Not only do these hinder you from gaining muscle mass, they also tend to bust your budget with their high prices.

They are the ideal power drinks for athletes, powerlifters, participants of endurance competitions, and all those who are working towards having a more powerful physique. Anyone, male or female, can take this – those who would like to train for bodybuilding, to supplement their low carbohydrate diet, to perform excellently in rigorous physical activities, or to improve their strength and muscles.

They generally provide a substantial does of BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine), glutamine, and electrolytes, as well as other elements essential for your regular workout. The most common form of this type of supplement is an easy-to-mix drink powder that you simply dissolve in water. This is because it’s best consumed in the middle of your training or right before and after your workout.

Workout results with intra workout formulasThe usual recipe for it is to add 1 scoop of the powder to 8 fluid ounces of water. It’s ideal to use a shaker cup for this. Cover the cup and swirl it to slightly mix the powder into the water. Then shake it vigorously a few times. Athletes going for endurance training are suggested to combine it with their hydration pack. But they have to shake it in water first, as mentioned above, before mixing it in the hydration pack.  I highly recommend this article on that covers this topics in details.

Results of university studies recommend that you already start drinking it immediately before you start your activity and go on sipping it the entire session. This brings the most significant increase in muscle mass and strength and reduction of body fat. However, there are also some users of this product that claims its effectiveness when consumed upon waking up in the morning and while they go on with their daily routine.

The ultimate effects of this supplement can be observed in about 8 weeks. This is when you’ll notice changes in your body composition and muscle strength. However, most of its consumers feel their body respond to the product right away during training. Especially for those who are drinking the supplement for the first time, they would immediately experience less fatigue and increased levels of energy and endurance, making it easier for them to do more training.

This supplement is recommended for you if you’re working hard towards having improved body composition, muscle strength, and overall endurance. It doesn’t depend on carbohydrates and does not contain sugar, so it helps you reduce body fat, too.



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